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Stage 5 - The Butterfly

Stage 5
The Butterfly.

A day or two before the butterfly emerges, the chrysalis becomes darker, and often the colous of the wings of the butterfly may be seen through the chrysalis case.

Once again, a keen watch has to be kept in order to see the insect emerge.

The chrysalis case cracks, and within two or three minutes the butterfly has crawled clear. Its wings, at first small and crumpled, quickly expand to their full size and harden, when the butterfly is able to fly away.

You must not be disappointed if you do not hatch a butterfly from every egg.

Your efforts will not always be successful, but the hours spent in catching the butterflies or searching for eggs, in caring for the hatched caterpillars and watching will be well worthwhile. Butterflies that have been bred through successfully may be released in the area from which their parent, or the eggs, came.

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( Red Admiral emerging from its chrysalis)

( Red Amiral fully grown )