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Stage 2 - Transfer Your Eggs

Stage 2
Transfer your eggs.

The eggs, still on the piece of plant on which they were laid, should then be kept in glass-topped boxes, so that the tiny caterpillars are not lost or eaten when they hatch. As soon as they do hatch, they should be supplied with freshly picked pieces of food plant, placed carefully in the box without disturbing the little caterpillars as, with some species it is necessary for them to have a first meal of the eggshells from which they have just emerged.

From now on, the growing caterpillars must receive regular attention. They should be transferred every day to clean tins with fresh food, and the tins just vacated must be carefully cleaned before putting caterpillars back into them.

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(Eggs of the Large White)


A glass-topped box is ideal for holding
the eggs until the hatched caterpillars
need larger quarters.